Urinary incontinence

There's far too little talk about urinary incontinence after childbirth. We totally get that it's hard to talk about but we want change that! It can take up to a year for the pelvic floor to recover after birth, but after that you're not meant to have lasting problems. If you're experiencing urinary incontinence, don't hesitate to seek help.

Urinary incontinence means that pee can leak in between trips to the bathroom. It's much more common in people who've given birth. This is because the tissues in the pelvis and around the urethra and bladder are affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

Over the first days after giving birth, you may leak urine when doing physical activities. This usually goes away when your pelvic floor muscles have regained their strength.

Pelvic floor exercises strengthen the muscles around the rectum, vagina and urethra and help you stay tight when you're exerting yourself physically. For the training to be effective, it's important to make sure you're working out the right muscles. Expect it to take up to six months before you see results.

Bring this topic up with your healthcare provider at your follow-up appointment if you have problems with urine leakage. Ask them to check your ability to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. If problems persist, it may need to get checked.

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